25 Waldo Worthwhile For Your Start-Up

My Start-Up Journey was not been predetermined; I walked on the way where I found myself that I can try to make an effort to contribute for building a Start-up. And to reach at my current station, after overcoming so many challenges though the journey was not easy, I had compacted a few salutary apparatus from my previous experiences during my engineering journey and from my practical experiences when started my start-up, which I thought, might be worthwhile for you and specially who are about to walk on the Start-Up journey.

Workplace correspondence, catching up e-mails, meetings everything is hectic as you know. Sprinting a startup is a daily challenge, when you are about to start your journey, it will be wise to think first about the contraptions which can prune your time and task. You’ll find a lot of compact virtual toolbox in the market. But make sure which are worthwhile effectively and efficiently.

I have made a short-list of 25 tools which are salutary for your start-up. I’ve categorized these 25 tools into 10 main categories: Fund raiser, Promotional & Sales, Information and analytic, Regular back-up, project management, Financial tools, Outsourcing tools, Productivity & HR, Hired hand networking, and Learning hand-outs.

Fund Raiser tools:

(1) Angel List: At The initial stage, a start-up has to struggle for fund. AngelList is the tool to work out this obstacle. It’s a website for start-ups, where angle investor, entrepreneurs, start-up job seekers and providers are compacted. Since investors pay seed fund and set up cost and carry, so start-up cost is nil.

(2) Boogar List: Booger’s list is an excellent place for entrepreneurs to start their search for investment capital. You'll find its listings great value.

(3) Kickstarter: Kick starter site is the world’s best platform for raising fund for creative projects.

(4) Meet up: Meet-up site helps you to find your meet-up group around your preferred location and will help you to find your best match partner and to attend weighty meet-ups with your meet-up groups to your relevant field and preference.

Promotional & Sales Tools

(5) Google Ad words : Google Ad Words is online advertising tools based on keywords which rank your ad based on per click and appear in Google’s search results.
(6) Content Marketer : It’s a useful tool for encouraging blog content, connecting with influencers, building relationships, and increasing traffic.
(7) Google Hangouts: these days Google hangout is a very popular for a startup owner to work with people all over the country and even the world. You can video chat, make interview, conduct meeting from remote by sitting at your home.
(8) GoAnimate: By using Go Animate you can create your own video however you want to make it for your product or service with a large volume of support of sound, music, color, character, background everything in one hand without taking any help from an expensive expert animator or spending lots of cash on advertisement creating purpose.
(9) Brand24: Brand24 enables you to oversee your brand, product and services online.
(10) MailChimp: MailChimp is a popular online email marketing solution which lets you manage contacts and send professional-quality emails newsletters within attractive templates to design for and also helps to share them on Facebook, twitter and other social networks.

Information and Analytic Tools :

(11) Naminum: Naminum is an apparatus which assists you to generate a suitable startup name, company name, business name and website name on the web for you.
(12) Dropbox: Drop box is the premier file backup, sync and sharing solution lets you store and share huge chunks of data through the cloud.

Regular back-up Tools :

(13) Intercom – For automating and optimizing prospect interaction and customer support.

Project Management Tools :

(14) Podio: Podio will make all the stuff in your daily work life that you wish could just go somewhere for your team to see, you can put on Podio. It gives a structure to help your team work better; less distractions, less confusion – more focus and clarity.

Productivity & HR Tools:

(15) Toggl – For tracking time and optimizing productivity across your team.
(16) Google Drive – For sharing documents, collaborating with team members, and working from anywhere.
(17) Pocket – For saving helpful resources and reading them at a later time.

Financial tool:

(18) QuickBooks: QuickBooks is an account software will assist you to create custom invoices featuring their own unique branding, look more professional also will help you to get get paid on time. QuickBooks software permits you to create and manage your own budgets, to view your balance sheet, tax season just in time.

(19) PayPal: PayPal service makes your payment procedure easier. By adding the PayPal checkout button to your site, customers can use PayPal to buy from you.
(20) How Much To Make An App: How Much to Make an App lets one calculate the cost of a building a mobile application. You just need to choose the desired features, and it estimates the cost of those features within seconds.

Outsourcing tools:

(21) Upwork: You cannot always hire employee for full time at initial stage for your start-up, since it’s expensive to pay for a full time employee on a regular monthly basis. Sometimes you just need to do some work for some specific projects while those are running to minimize cost, so here is a tool, Upwork which can help you to track down free lancer will do your specific work in return of pay for those specific work, You can hire experienced freelancers in multiple fields, like writing, programming and design, but you can also utilize the site’s proprietary matching technology to find the best person for the job. Once you’ve identified possible candidates, you can interview and hire them online.

Hired hand networking Tools:

These top employee management tools will help you grow your startup in 2016:
(22) TinyPulse – For keeping a pulse on employee happiness and loyalty.
(23) AnyPerk – For showing employee appreciation and praise.

Learning hand-outs Tools:

(24) Coursera – It helps employees to grow their career.
(25) Udemy – It helps to make you prepare and master for any specific field before hiring someone else to do it.

written by
Tilova Sumaiya Khan Priyanka,
Business Analyst,
Silicon Valley Nest.
Milpitas California, United States.

25 Waldo Worthwhile For Your Start-Up

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