AiDoctor Medical Software (PM, EHR/EMR, Analytics)

We offer Single-Product with Comprehensive-Coverage

Our AiDoctor is a single Software Product with all necessary modules for your healthcare organization. It is cloud based, AI powered and s always evolving.



  • AiDoctor – PM (Practice Management)
    • Calendar Management
    • Patient Demographics
    • Medical Billing Management
    • Claims Scrubbing
    • Reporting
  • AiDoctor- EHR/EMR (Electronic Health/Medical Record)
    • Physician-Designed and Patient-Focused
    • Fully Integrated Workflow
    • Cloud Connectivity
    • Easy Customization
    • Easy Data Capture
    • Cohesive Solution
  • AiDoctor – Analytics (Data Analysis & Artificial Intelligence)
    • Population Health
    • Clinical Research
    • Chronic Care Management
    • Addiction Recovery

AiDoctor – PM (Practice Management) 

Practice Management (PM) 

AiDoctor is web-based Practice Management (PM) system is ideal for small to medium-sized medical practices. Our PM system has the capability to manage appointments and schedules, streamline medical billing, and store patient demographic data. This system is fully integrated with the AiDoctor Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system and offered as part of our comprehensive EHR solution, providing a solution to the many challenges of managing your practice workflow. AiDoctor PM system works in sync with clearinghouse.




Calendar Management 

You can easily manage multiple providers’ schedules across several office locations with the ability to view schedules based on day, week, month, or location. Block off hours or entire days, set-up rules for recurring appointments, and send out automatic appointment email reminders.


Patient Demographics

AiDoctor PM system makes it quick and easy for you to input patient demographics. It also helps ensure that all the necessary information needed for filing claims is collected at the time of care with the pre-visit checklist feature.


Medical Billing Management 

Submit claims electronically, print and mail paper claims, and track the status of claims. Because the PM system is seamlessly integrated with the AiDoctor EMR system, all your data will flow automatically from one module to the next. This reduces errors and the time spent on billing by eliminating the need to enter the same data twice.


Billing Advantages

Low Maintenance – Converting billing processes to the AiDoctor Billing system requires no heavy investment in software and maintenance.


Paperless Processing – AiDoctor Billing it much easier for independent medical billers to file their claims. AiDoctor Billing is a paperless medical claims processing system that is available on the Cloud—allowing medical billers to avoid storing claim data in their offices.


Quicker Turnaround Time – With AiDoctor Billing, created claims are 90% less likely to be rejected than paper claims. In fact, AiDoctor Billing claims are accepted over 95% of the time on the first attempt! It takes about 5-10 days for insurance companies to approve and submit claim payments for our clients.


Lower Processing Cost – Claims made through the AiDoctor Billing system have reduced claim-processing cost by more than 75% for our current customers.


Enhanced Revenue Management – AiDoctor Billing allows physicians to view and generate financial and claim reports. By utilizing the AiDoctor Billing system, physicians can improve their cash flow much quicker than before and make accurate financial decisions for their practice.


Claims Scrubbing

Save time and money by ensuring your claims are submitted correctly the first time by utilizing our double-scrubbing feature. Not only is the claim scrubbed initially by the AiDoctor PM system to ensure all required information is included and accurate on the claim form. If the claim does not pass the scrubbing, a message is sent to the PM system with details regarding the issue.



All structured data in the AiDoctor PM is available for reporting. Run a variety of reports based on the information you want. From patient demographics and insurance to total payments and adjustments, the PM system can generate reports catered to your specific needs.


AiDoctor PM system is just one important part of an all-inclusive product; combining an EMR, Practice Management, reporting system, mobile system, and patient portal.

AiDoctor – EMR (Electronic Health/Medical Record)

AiDoctor Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system was designed to help medical facilities manage patient information and transition into the new era of technology. Enhance your company’s bottom line by becoming paperless with our easy to use, customizable, HIPAA compliant, and all-inclusive EMR software solution.

By utilizing the AiDoctor EMR software, you improve operational efficiency, increase your cash flow, and enhance patient care.


EMR Advantages:

Physician-Designed and Patient-Focused


AiDoctor Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions are designed for you, by you. Our EHR solutions are designed to fit your style from our founding physicians using EMR themselves, to the constant feedback from tens of thousands of practicing clinicians, we truly create practical, real-world systems that support patient care.


Easy to use

More than half of medical practices believe their EMR has a negative impact on costs, efficiency or productivity. That’s why we created an EMR that works the way you do. With our EMR, you can take in the patient’s story at a glance and document with the natural flow of the conversation. Relevant clinical information is clearly communicated to other providers, so everyone on your care team can make the most informed decisions.


Designed to be the best

Our streamlined EMR lets providers do what they do best: care for their patients. Most Electronic Medical Record software available today disrupts the patient exam, creating extra work that isn’t the best use of a physician’s time. With our new workflow, a third of documentation is delegated to clinical staff, so providers can focus on delivering care.


Fully Integrated Workflow

Combined with the AiDoctor Practice Management software solution, your office workflow is streamlined from the point your patient checks in until the point of charge. There is no need to input data multiple times, re-enter patient demographics, or resubmit insurance information. The information captured by your front desk staff will flow seamlessly into the EMR, as well as to the Biller for claim creation.


Cloud Connectivity

With the use of the AiDoctor EMR program, your clinical data is easily accessible by you from anywhere you have internet access. Your files are no longer taking up office space but instead now stored on the cloud; access your calendar, refill a medication, view lab results, or check the status of a claim whether you are at home, at your office, at the hospital, or anywhere else your busy schedule may take you!


Easy Customization

The AiDoctor EMR program has many features that can be customized based on the provider and specialty. From custom templates to common medical codes including the provider’s fee schedule, we’ll create an EMR to fit your needs.


Easy Data Capture

Completing your patient visit note is now easier than ever with AiDoctor EMR. There are numerous techniques to capture and record data, so that you can find a way that works best for you. With features like point-and-click templates, dictation, hand-writing recognition, and a library of images where you can mark and draw on as a part of your patients’ chart–we are certain that we can provide you a data capturing option most suitable for your needs.


Cohesive Solution – The EMR is just one element of the complete AiDoctor software solution. The full solution contains the EMR, Practice Management Suite, ePrescribing, eLabs, and ePatient Portal. In addition, all of our products and features were developed by one company and were integrated together to provide universal solutions for any doctors office or practice nationwide.


AiDoctor - Analytics (Data Analysis & Artificial Intelligence)


Population Health

With AiDoctor, we can help you maximize therapeutic benefit and High patient engagement through AI across all patient populations. With our platform you can:

Leverage the one-to-many platform

Improve patient behavior

Benefit from actionable data

Extend continuity of care


Clinical Research

AiDoctor is being deployed across multiple therapeutic areas to measure and optimize medication adherence, and improve health outcomes.


- Automated Tasks Automate titration, reminders, and scheduling to ease the burden on sites.

- View Adherence Trends Improve the quality of clinic visits with real-time insights.

- Log Participant Events Allow sites to log interventions, missed clinic visits, and other protocol deviations

- Intervene in Real Time Missed dose alerts allow sites to intervene immediately.


Addiction Recovery

AiDoctor is one of the leading online substance abuse counseling Clinic; it is private & easy to use. Addiction recovery supports at the privacy and comfort of your own home. No one will see you except your counselor and confidential recovery group members. Our programs are accepted by most major insurance carriers. If insurance isn't an option, we offer affordable program packages. Contact us to learn more. Connect with your personal counselor through our convenient mobile app. All you need is an internet connection, a computer or tablet, and a headset.


Chronic Care Management

AiDoctor has the Chronic Care Management module. It is Collaborative, Customized Healthcare. We offer a secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based solution. Explore what our application delivers. One Source Learn more about our CCM and ACO Solutions and how it can streamline care, improve efficiency, and increase financial income. We offer a secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based solution. Explore what our application delivers.