Hot Start-up Buzz of the Week

This week Silicon Valley Nest has brought some latest start-up News. We saw some interesting developments in the startup field. Here are a few highlights: 


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  • Slack’s rapid growth slows as it hits 1.25M paying work chatters.
  • Cardiogram raises $2 million to predict heart health issues using wearables. Read more
  • Three Aussie Startups Looking to Change the Way You Invest in Your Future. read more
  • Verdigris raises $6.7 million for artificial intelligence that powers green factories and hotels. Read more


Weekly Venture Capitalist’s investment report                                        

  • Bryan Johnson invests $100 million in Kernel to unlock the power of the human brain. Earlier this year, former Braintree founder Bryan Johnson publicly announced his plans to forge Kernel, a companyprogressely-6m-funding-silicon-valley with the sole purpose of building hardware and software to augment human intelligence. Today, Johnson is investing $100 million of his own money into the concept, looking to rapidly double the size of his team, shore up a portfolio of intellectual property and prepare for animal and human testing trials for a forthcoming device aimed at reducing cognitive deficiencies for sufferers of conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Kernel is still very much in the planning stages, but the idea is rooted in the research of Theodore Berger, the company’s chief science officer. The futuristic device, which Johnson says might actually not need to be implanted beneath the skull at all, is designed to facilitate communication between brain cells by hacking the “neural code” that enables our brain to store and recall key information. With proper implementation, such a device could correct faulty signals to mend a cognitive impairment. Read more


  • Online VC FundersClub launches Network Search to better connect its 18,000 members. Network effects in venture capital are no joke. Sure, people want to close rounds with brand name funds like Sequoia and Andreessen Horowitz because they validate startups. But perhaps more importantly, companies become more likely to succeed after closing high profile rounds because of their newfound access to the friends and connections of prominent investors. Alex Mittal, CEO of FundersClub, has spent a lot of time thinking about how his growing online democratized community of 18,000 investors could leverage its size to offer even better access to industry movers and shakers than the traditional shops of Sand Hill Road. Today, FundersClub is announcing a new search tool the group is calling Network Search. Read more


  • Crowdfundup gets funded, moves up. Local fintech CrowdfundUPtops this fortnight’s ranking, having closed a $2.1m capital raise led by Positive Investment Enterprise. The startup will use the funds to roll out its property crowdfunding platform into China. Crowdfundup gained strong mindshare, in particular across social media platforms. This is Crowdfundup’s first time in Techboard’s top twenty. Founder Jack Quigley commented: Troubled streaming company Quickflix is the second highest trending company, as news emerged that is had been acquired by a US media company for $1.3m. The listed startup is currently in liquidation, having struggled to compete against Netflix in the Australian market. The acquisition will see it removed from the Techboard ranking, as it ceases to exist as an Australian company. Read more


Technology News Update of the week

  • Coupa Software: another explosive Silicon Valley tech IPO hits the market. SAN MATEO — following a recent trend of grand slam tech IPOs, shares of Coupa Software jumped nearly 85 percent in the company’s public market debut Thursday. The San Mateo-based software company’s shares were trading at $33 when the market closed Thursday afternoon, giving Coupa a market cap of about $1.6 billion — up from its $1 billion valuation as a private company. It’s the fourth consecutive Silicon Valley tech startup to see a big first-day pop, and it appears that the freeze the valley suffered earlier this year — there were no tech IPOs for the first five months of 2016 — has thawed. Now analysts are turning their attention to the big-name “unicorns” waiting in the wings, such as Snapchat, Dropbox and Spotify. Read More


  • Microsoft reports $22.3 billion in Q1 2017 revenue: Surface up 38% and Phone down 72%. Microsoft today reported earnings for its first fiscal quarter of 2017, including revenue of $22.3 billionmicrosoft-reports-22-3-billion and earnings per share of $0.76. In Q1 2016, Microsoft saw $21.7 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $0.67. Analysts had expected Microsoft to earn $21.71 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $0.68. In short, the company beat expectations. The company’s stock was down 0.49 percent in regular trading, but up some 5 percent in after-hours trading (expected, given the results). Microsoft said it returned $6.6 billion to shareholders in the form of share repurchases and dividends during the quarter. Read more
Hot Start-up Buzz of the Week

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