We’re now almost at the middle of 2016. Time is running faster. Most of the things now we’re getting on our hand almost which we would never can even imagine when we were in our childhood. And our grandparents who are still alive are being astounded every time by seeing the things which are still mysterious to them! We’re getting updated each and every single moment. No one can stop us! And we believe in our merits, intelligence, intellectual, our cognitive knowledge, and intuitive which make us enable to invent all these innovative creations that are changing the world day by day.

Artificial Intelligence is one of those miracles which is being getting popular today in the technology field at this century. According to the researchers, we can say 2016 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The most recent AI is now adding more values than robots, personal assistants and self-driving cars. World’s largest company like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, and Linked In already determined to step ahead for launching AI technologies this year.  Most of the tech giants are trying to control the dominance over AI.


Besides these, there are another 4 companies named Legal Robot are making people relieved from the hassles of understanding legal documents, complex legal languages, helps people to save business money, helps to empower consumers and let lawyers focus on what matters. Real Life Analytic enables targeted advertising on any digital screen in real time using plug-and-play AI dongles. commercial displays we see in shopping centers and subway stations will be now leverage real-time facial recognition to customize the content according to the viewer’s engagement and demographics: age, gender, etc. and provide insight into customer demographics and behavior, ClevAPI which has opened an opportunity for any branded companies to put their logos and products on top of related objects. Also provides real-time image recognition service for product placement and native advertising & Riminder which is aiming to helps individuals improve their career paths and analyzing more than two million career paths. Also it’s aiming to give an opportunity to talent managers and recruiters to leverage both internal and external data to attract relevant talent and potential candidates. These startups are going to open a new version and scope of AI.

The question arises is that why we should use AI in start-ups? After a continuous analysis and from my personal experience to build new start-ups, I have been determined and now working with my 4 new start-ups with AI and machine learning as well as Big-data. Since all of these are correlated. Based on that, today I have intended to write my post on this to let you guys know about the reasons that why we should use AI in start-ups.

1) Based on recent research on AI, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Big-data, though the R&D is still going on, and we’re just been in primary level. We can assume and predict that there are huge scopes and potentialities in this field to develop a numerous numbers of innovations through all these. So now-a-days any project based on AI, machine learning are easily attracts the attention of VC’s and angle investors to invest their fund for such kind of start-ups which are based on AI, machine learning, big-data, deep learning etc. Recently Artificial Intelligence start-up Digital Genius raises their profit up to $4M for making customer service agents superhuman. Digital genius declared their AI customer service for $4.1 M seed investment.

2) We can interpret AI as a concept instead of actual technology. In real world AI applications are creating a big noise in unexpected places sooner than anyone can even imagine. Machine intelligence is also evolving new fields where it can be used by humans to do more things. Recently 4 engineers with almost zero knowledge of Japanese had been able to create software with AI and machine learning. They came up with an application that recognized and wrote Japanese language with 98.66 % accuracy. The 18-month-old startup in Tokyo is part of a growing global community of coders and investors who are harnessing the power of neural networks to put AI to far more practical purposes than answering trivia or winning board games. But few years ago we need to be a talent enough to do this. Now you can be a smart user and developer along with AI. Now it will be more about using imagination to apply this to solve any real business situations. Even past few years we assumed that Google , Facebook inc. are the tech leaders and AI is an exclusive phase in technological field for them only. Now, any startup can access cloud-based platforms, with Microsoft Corp and Amazon.com Inc.

3) AI applications can re-shape the workplace by automating the individual tasks that make up jobs. I have heard lots of controversies and arguments against the viability of AI start-ups, that it requires tremendous budgets and development resources like giant companies like IBM, Google etc. I can say in shortly that, AI applications are a continuous development process and are being designed to close the data gap impeding commercialization.

4) AI start-up helps to make a huge support and to empower woman. Ashwini Ashkon , a woman who has left Silicon Valley to go to her own country India and started an AI company along with her husband. Co-founder of MAD Street Den. They are working on the concepts of moving from the realm of creepiness, they are helping people just utilizing the ability to read human emotions in our favor.

5) Once artificial intelligence gets smarter than humans, we've got very little chance of understanding it. Tim Urban, at Wait But Why, explains this really well in his pair of enormous articles on artificial intelligence, one of his quote “A chimp can become familiar with what a human is and what a skyscraper is, but he’ll never be able to understand that the skyscraper was built by humans,” he writes. “We will never be able to even comprehend the things a [super intelligent AI] can do, even if the machine tried to explain it to us – let alone do it ourselves. It could try for years to teach us the simplest inkling of what it knows and the endeavor would be hopeless.”

6) Significant improvements recently in the design of learning systems , architectures and software infrastructure are implementing and together, promise to further accelerate the speed of innovation. Indeed, we don’t fully appreciate what tomorrow will look and feel like. We also must realize that AI-driven products are already out in the wild, improving the performance of search engines, recommended systems (e.g., e-commerce, music), ad serving and financial trading.

Companies with the resources to invest in AI are already creating an impetus for others to follow suit — or risk not having a competitive seat at the table. Together, therefore, the community has a better understanding and is equipped with more capable tools with which to build learning systems for a wide range of increasingly complex tasks

7)  The costs of compute and storage are both plunge by orders of magnitude, while the computational capacity of today’s processors is growing, making AI applications possible and affordable.

These all are the reasons i can specify to use AI now in start-ups.